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until further notice, this journal will be mostly, somewhat, not really   
06:43am 18/12/2010

i update my journal almost everyday, but i won't be posting as much public stuff. still gonna keep make up work, select adventures, camwhoring, and some other random shit like that public [*scroll down Detective]

yes it's ok to add me, if u wanna drop me a line or introduce yourself that's cool too. sorry if i don't add you back, havin a hard time keepin up with my friends list and all that.

further more, i am too attached to this friends only banner to really take it down right now and it's a good place for me to keep track of who's added me so i can check out your journals too from time to time

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Bamm Bamm!   
04:16am 02/11/2009

Happy belated Halloween !!

What did you guys go as for Halloween!? Show me!!
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How I met George Romero and got to be a Zombie in his new film.   
01:48pm 21/10/2008
  So last week I got hit by a car on my bike and broke my collarbone. It fuckin sucked, but the next day I got to be a ZOMBIE in George Romero's new film !!

George moved to Toronto when he was filming Land of the Dead here and is now a permanent resident of Canada, as soon as I heard this years ago I knew it was fate and that I'd one day meet him somehow. Not just at a convention or something though, NO.

The man came into my parent's Thai restaurant Mengrai late one Friday night and I got to personally serve him!

It was around 10pm and I was just getting ready to finish my shift when I noticed him sitting at table 8. He didn't have his glasses on so I wasn't sure it was him til I saw the thick black framed ones he's famous for wearing resting on the table. My dad came over and introduced me to him and I went on about how big a fan I was and how I've written essays about his films for university and I got to chat with him for awhile. He was there with his partner Suzanne and one of his producers Peter that's worked on a lot of his films. They told me that they were starting production on George's new zombie film in a week and that I should come check out one of the shoots sometime. I told them if they ever needed any extra zombies...well you know. George said it'd be hard because all the zombies they used are unionized members of Actra, but that there was 2 days when they could use non-unionized extras in this one scene so that they would let me know when they'd need me. George gave me his EMAIL and told me to stay in touch! It was so awesome though cuz I just HAPPENED to be wearing my Dawn of the Dead BELT that day to work and I brought it out right before he left and he freaked out! He couldn't believe it actually existed and was wondering "who the hell makes this stuff!?" then he signed it "Stay Scared - George Romero" hahahaha so awesome.

But ya! George has been into my restaurant 4 times since! He's a regular now, he even asks if I'm working when he books reservations now! Last week his partner Suzanne emailed me to see if I was still interested and of course I was so that I should be ready to shoot on the friday. The accident happened to me on Thursday, and the first thing after I got hit by the car was me worrying that I wouldn't be able to do the shoot. I was in a lot of pain after and could barely move but there was no way I was going to miss out on this opportunity. I went to George's condo and Suzanne picked me up along with this other cool dude Olly Blackburn who just had an amazing film premiere at the Toronto After Dark Festival called Donkey Punch. We drove out to Lancaster, Ontario where the shoot was taking place. Was a very rural community, kind of country-sidish as the movie apparently takes place either in Kentucky, or on some island farming community I'm not quite sure. Apparently the film has a strong Western vibe and it focuses on these 2 rival Irish clans. It's supposed to take place roughly 3 weeks after Diary of the Dead if you're wondering about the timeline and how it works into the other films. The working title right now is just "? of the Dead" as they still haven't figured out a name. There's been rumours calling it "Island of the Dead" and George has been kidding around that he wants to call it "Enough of the Dead" but they're still trying to figure it out.

There weren't any cameras allowed on set so I couldn't take any pics! Olly managed to grab quite a few so I'm hoping he'll email them to me soon.

*edit: someone just emailed me some pics! This is me waiting in the extras tent just off set nursing my broken collar bone lol

Life certainly is strange though. One day you get hit by a car, the next you're a zombie in your childhood hero's new film. Go figure...
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double washroom threat   
05:40pm 21/01/2008
  So I'm waiting to get into the men's bathroom at Moonbeam cafe in Kensington, the door is locked for some reason even though there's a stall AND a urinal in there, then all of a sudden I hear the toilet flush and the door opens shortly after. This chick walks out and gives me this look, it was kind of an awkward "I'm coming out of the wrong gendered bathroom, sorry" look and I'm thinkin "no big deal, i've used the women's washroom before in tight situations when the men's is held up" but then I walk in and it hits me. This huge waft of shit smell, like a slap in the face. I then realized that the look she gave me wasn't the "oops im in the wrong bathroom look" it was the "oops I took a massive shit and you're seconds away from smelling it" look LOL

*furthermore, to the people i still haven't sent out xmas letters to, you'll be getting late new years letters soon i think. or perhaps they'll be valentines themed i dunno, its way too late to justify writing holiday themed letters now but i still want to get em out to y'all so ya
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xmas letters and wishlist   
04:52pm 05/12/2007
  Attention peoples!

I got this really neat Batman stationary paper and am going to attempt to send out Christmas letters to a bunch of people since it's the Holidays and it will give me an excuse to use it.

If you want to get one send me your shipping info!! The paper itself folds into its envelope its AMAZING you won't even believe it trust me. Well you will when u get one...but until then, of ye of little faith, just trust me!

You can email it to me billyclub@gmail.com or just leave it here and all comments will be screened.

Also note, if you live in Toronto don't send me your address [unless I barely see you anymore! boo hoo] cuz I'll just give it to you in person sometime or stalk you at your place then leave it in your mailbox.


If per chance you are wondering what to get moi for Christmas or are just plain curious what kind of bullshit I tend to waste my money on...

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Broken Pencil Magazine   
12:32pm 09/11/2007
  Hey everyone, or whoever still reads this journal lol

If you get a chance to, pick up the latest issue of Broken Pencil magazine sometime! I wrote an article on how to do make up f/x on low to no budget films for their horror issue that just came out recently and did a little make up for some photos in it as well [tho nothing I'm proud of lol I helped them out one afternoon at Queen's park like half an hour before i had to go to work cuz the model i was supposed to work on came 20 minutes late].

But ya here it is!

If you live in Toronto, you can get a copy from Pages! on Queen St., Suspect Video, and most major bookstores as well actually.

Also, here are some pictures from Canzine: The Festival of Independent Zine Culture in Toronto that was October 28th.

Me and my friend Kristen did a short f/x workshop on the second floor on how to do quick f/x stuff, I turned one guy into a demon, Kristen showed everyone how to make fake intestines with stockings, cotton balls, latex and fake blood.

You can see the rest of the photos here:


It has also come to my attention that I don't have the time to really keep up wtih this journal as properly as I used to, which means I can't sit around and do long ass picture posts that take an hour to put together lol so instead I'll probyl be posting albums to pictures to save myself the time and to still show you what I've been up to lately for those that care.
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Post a picture of you eating *CHOMP*   
01:42am 05/11/2007
mood: Chicken Cordon Blue

show me the food you LUUUUUUUUUUUUURVE come on give it to me
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When there's no more room in Heaven...   
01:31am 25/10/2007
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Captain America prevails   
09:19pm 14/10/2007
  So I decided to go with the Cap patch

because it just goes so well with my Hellboy lunchbox

and because now..

i'm just 2 cool for school

believe it
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Harley Quinn vs Captain America patch Backback Showdown !!   
03:39am 06/10/2007
  So shit I just bought another Dickie's bag today, a backpack this time as opposed to the pinstripe messenger bag I got months ago. I figure this'll be easier on my back for when I'm carrying a ton of philosophy text books to school and a bunch of other shit.

I also kinda got the backpack cuz I had these 2 patches I bought at the Comic Con:

a Batman: the animated series Harley Quinn and Jack Kirby style Captain America patch

I was just gonna take off the Dickie's logo...Collapse )

So what do you guys think??

I don't have a paid account anymore so I can't post any polls *tears* so just drop me a line here don't be lazy i need to knowwwwwwwww people


or Cap?

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dream murder mystery!   
12:15pm 05/10/2007
  I showed up to work the other night and one of the hostess' Mel was like, "Man, this is gonna sound weird but I had a dream about you the other night." and I'm thinkin like sweet I'm the man of this girl's dreams! but then she went on about how, "Yeah, it really freaked me out because we were in some random house in the kitchen and you had just killed someone and already gotten rid of the body and everything, but you had this bloody shoe in one hand and you kept freaking out at me to get rid of it and I was all 'But why didn't you just get get rid of it when you got rid of all the other person's stuff?' but you were like, 'No! It has to be this way just do it!'" then I was like [in real life] "Shit your right! Why didn't I just get rid of the dude's shoe when I got disposed of all his other shit? Maybe I forgot about the shoe or something?" and Mel was like, "I dunno maybe, I just remember I was thinking very logically about the whole thing and that it would be really awkward the next time I saw you at work." then I was like "Man that's like the best dream cameo I've ever had!"

First one of the line cooks thinks I look like Richard Ramirez the Nightstalker, and now this? Why does everyone at work think I'm a serial killer!? lol
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03:06pm 21/09/2007
  holy shit this band it too good...

somebody stop them!
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02:45am 21/09/2007
  I've had the hiccups for the past two hours straight what the FUCK

I want to go to sleep






i tried the spoonful of sugar thing, then i tried holding my breath but i couldn't breath so i gave up on that one
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Holy Metaphysics Batman!   
02:45pm 19/09/2007
  I'm sitting in the computer lab at school trying to wrap my head around the readings for this Metaphysics course I'm taking this semester that really has me stumped right now:

"A transitive relation is a relation R such that if X bears R to Y and Y bears R to Z, it follows that X bears R to Z."

At this point I want to shoot whoever wrote this book in the face when all of a sudden like a ray of sunshine cast down from heaven unto yours truly the text goes on to explain:

"For example: If Bruce Wayne is Batman, and Batman is the Caped Crusader, it follows that Bruce Wayne is the Caped Crusader."

Thank you textbook! I get it now.

Oh the power of comic book references...
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Flash Point   
08:37pm 13/09/2007
  I am so pumped to see Wilson Yip's Flash Point tonite

Donnie Yen plays another hot headed cop who's unique brand of justice involves a lot of flying jumps to the head it seems. From the same team who did SPL which totally rocked me and Ross' asses at the fest back in 05, only this one seems to be a lot more action-driven which is good cuz really only the lsat half an hour of SPL had fights and shit. The fight choreography in this looks insane, I love how Yen is putting a lot of grappling and other new shit into his work, that plus there doesn't seem to be much wire work which really sets him apart from his mentor Yuen Wo-Ping.

So far I'm gonna have to say that Takeshi Miike's latest Sukiyaki Western Django has been the most enjoyable film I've seen so far at the fest.

I don't know even know how to explain how much fun it was, Ross was a little luke warm about it because of his love for the original Django but he still enjoyed the hell out of it too. Miike was definetly at his most stylish in terms of direction for this, a lot of it is shot incredibly grainy like an old western and all the dialogue is in broken Japanese english lol with subtitles. Quentin Tarantino's role in the film is absolutely priceless too oh my god. The gunfights and sword fighting were crazy, there is a ton of eccentric, hilarious and badass characters.

The japanese remix of Ennio Morricone's original Django title music was bad ass too.

The most amazing part about the screening though was before they started the film they showed a video message that Miike recorded just for us because he couldn't be there. He basically talked in japanese while holding up sheets of paper with the english translation, hoping that out of all the Japanese Westerns at the film festival,that we'll enjoy his the best haHahahaha. What's really remarkable is that at the end he held up a sheet of paper with his PERSONAL FUCKING EMAIL and said to write him about the film to tell him what we all thought. Everyone applauded at that, seriously, that really shows how much respect Miike has for his audience.

His email is miike@olm.co.jp for anyone that's interested.

Anyways, I have to head downtown to get in line!
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some really amazing gifts i've got lately   
04:09pm 11/09/2007
  So I've gotten some pretty amazing gifts lately from some pretty wonderful people I wanted to share.

The first one is something that I'm happy to say you can ALL experience.

Behold, Professor Zoom multiplying with the power of Intel !

On the Saturday of teh con back for Fan Expo/Festival of Fear 2007 Ross slipped this portable intel USB device into the raincoat of my Rorschach costume, and told me Brandon, "Brandon, it's a gift. But the USB device isn't what the gift is...it's what's on it that matters.." and I said to Ross, "Ross, this better not be that video you and Alvin kept trying to send me of a woman shitting only renamed "Moshe Gorelik - Brickwall.avi" because you had convinced me it was a video of a Jewish martial arts expert practicing this style I thought was stupid but if he could smash a brickwall I'd be impressed.

He assured me it was not, "Brandon, I swear to God it isn't that video, TRUST me. You'll like it."

I came to the conclusion that there must have been an Intel booth at the con doing this for people. Seriously though, I can't handle that many Ross's in spandex BEASTing it up like that LOL the punching, the rolling, the running around ALL in slow motion!! the funky music beats and the cheezy woman's voice.

It's the greatest thing I've seen since last time I saw Ross in his Professor Zoom outfit, only times 5 cuz there's like 5 of him in the video.

The second gift I got is by far the GREATEST addition to my collection of Batman related things and general nerdery.

When I got back from Nova Scotia last week Mikey had called me up telling me that I needed to come over sometime because he had a "surprise" for me. I went over there last week only to have my mind blown by one of the greatest things anyone's ever gotten me.

A signed and numbered 1st edition copy of Batman and Me, the Bob Kane autobiography !!

Mikey said he was walking by this book store and saw it in the window and thought of me immediately. Apparently he shelled out quite a bit of dough on this and I'm not surprised. He had to make sure this was the real deal so he asked the guy to see the Certificate of Authenticity before he made the purchase, which prompted a look of scrutiny from the clerk lol welcome to the world of pretentious know it all comic book clerks dude, we serve punch and cookies on Thursdays.

I seriously can't believe I have Bob Kane's signature now, the man's HANDS touched this freaking book!! Only 2500 copies were made too and I got the 2336th one *thumbs up*

It's awesome too because I barely know anything about Bob Kane. He talks a lot about his life growing up in the Bronx and having to dodge gangs and shit all the time. It sounds pretty embelished tho cuz the first chapter talks about him fighting off a rival gang and incapacitating like 5 of them all by himself at a construction site lol go Bob Kane!
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film fest   
07:46pm 09/09/2007
  holy shit, the film fest has been one insane schedule this year

i'm going to every Midnite Madness film again this year and the schedule is really tiring me out with films getting out at 2am, me not getting home til 3:30am then having to get up at 8am for work the next day, but man... it's so worth it

the line up this year is just amazing

opening night i saw Dario Argento's The Mother of Tears and wow...that movie was fucked up. seriously, i literally almost puked from the opening scene when this woman gets her mouth bashed in and then her jaw ripped half off, then her entrails are torn out and while these people fight over who gets the entrails, they come to a mutual agreement that they just strangle said victim with them instead lol wtf

if you don't believe me someone wrote about it in the film fest blog here which is hilarious cuz i actually DID throw up on this guy like 4 months ago at a wrap party for a movie called Vomitus lol oh man...i just realized how coincidental all that is, me almost throwing up on someone i already threw up on before at a wrap party for a movie sort of about throwing up but not really

it was awesome too cuz it was Dario Argento's birthday that night at exactly midnite so the whole theatre sang him happy birthday and Asia Argento, who was lookin fuckin SMOKING HOT came out and gave a little speech for him too

Friday night i saw Frontiere(s) which really impressed me. French new wave horror is really taking off it seems, this film was so fucking brutal, pure survival horror at its best. It was a mix of High Tension without the bullshit twist and Sheitan put together, with some good old Texas Chainsaw Massacre [with teh family dynamic] thrown in. I really recommend this one, altho it is very very intense. Like, you're sitting there watching the heroine go through all this horrible shit, and you're like "fuck, would u even want to live after all that shit?" and ya...

Saturday night was George A. Romero's DIARY OF THE DEAD motherfucker!!

i really just wanted to write this post to let you all know that this movie is amazing. if Land of the Dead disappointed you, then don't worry, Diary more than makes up for it. Romero was seriously on his game with this film, you could really feel him flexing his muscles here, showing everyone he's still original gangsta of Zombie cinema. while Dawn of the Dead had all that wonderful "social commentary" about consumerism and capitalism, Diary is more about blogging and the internet and the fact that we're all virtual "reporters" now with shit like youtube etc. but it's not cheezy at all [except at the right moments] and was very well crafted. there was a lot of comedy in this film too which surprised me and the Q&A with Romero afterwards was great too. i totally forgot that the dude lives in Toronto now too which is crazy.

anyways, i haven't even been home since yesterday morning, i just got home from work to get a change of clothes and now i have to head back downtown for another fucking movie tonite lol shit. some japanese film called Vexille that's done witih all sorts of crazy computer and cell animation.

shit i think school starts tomorrow... ah well
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Harley Quinn sketch by Andy Belanger   
02:57am 03/09/2007

My brother just scanned this sketch I got from Andy Belanger at the Toronto Comic Artists Festival a few weeks back. I finally picked it up from him at Fan Expo 2007 last weekend. I got a whole bunch of other art I need to scan but just wanted to put this one up first cuz I loves it. That crazed look in her eye as she lines up to swing that impossibly giant hammer is what I love most about it, Andy said it was the best sketch he did all weekend at TCAF so I'm pretty satisfied :)

In other Batman paraphernalia-related news, I bought this super sweet ass Batman tin case that must be from the 70's I think.

the inside is lined with one of Batman's FIRST encounters with the Joker from the old Bob Kane comics

fanboy wetdream to the max holy shit ladies and gentleman

I mostly use that for my stash now tho it's pretty awesome

I was checking out some of the shit Ross was selling on his eBay account, and was like "yo holy shit don't sell that i'll buy it" and then bid on a bunch of his shit and won it! I won it for like $8.50 I think it was such a sweet deal, thanks Ross!
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02:11pm 30/08/2007
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I'm off!!!   
06:49am 26/08/2007

to Nova Scotia for 6 days

i've been up all night partying cuz of Festival of Fear earlier today/yesterday and it's 7am now, i have to go catch my flight!! so hungover...gah, what a crazy weekend. i was so damn drunk, i'm pretty sure i made out with Ross at Lee's Palace in front of a lot of people and i totally don't know why. oh wait, we were trying to get these 2 other girls to make out with each other but they wouldn't until we did, thats why. but did they even end up making out or did we just end up doing that for no reason? shit...

anyways im off to Nova Scotia to visit all my relatives and shit, s'gonna be wicked

i'll be back September 2nd so imah take lots of pictures and stuff while im there

shit im so broke, i just spent like over $200 again at the comic con, i bought all this fucking art, got a bunch of sketches done, bought a lot of prints from some really cool local artists, met Angela Bettis who i have a huge crush on and i gave her a copy of this essay i wrote on May and she said she was totally excited to read it and was even gonna pass it on to the director Lucky McKee to check out!

anyways...shit how am i still drunk?

im out
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